Tips to host a successful business conference

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Organising a business conference or function is no easy feat, however if you have a well laid plan and follow the necessary steps, it can be done without the proverbial plot being lost.

Let’s have a look at the key elements to consider for hosting a successful conference.


The venue is actually the most important element in the whole thing, it sets the tone for the event and can speak volumes about the company that is hosting. For example, a youthful, vibrant business may want a funky and modern venue whereas a more sophisticated company may prefer a more traditional setting. This is where Dedes Waterfront Group excel. The venues they have available are second to none, in both location and aesthetics.


Convenience and splendour both come into play when it comes to the location of the venue. Is the venue easily accessible? Is there parking? What are the transport options? Is it close to accommodation? There are many things to consider with the location. In the case of Dedes Group venues, View by Sydney and Deckhouse, the locations are not only unique, they offer the wow factor. Deckhouse can be accessed via boat on a Sydney harbour cruise from Circular Quay for example, starting the event with a memorable point of difference. View by Sydney offers the convenience of being within walking distance of numerous Sydney landmarks.


Considering what AV functionality is available at the venue is important as if they do not have the necessary equipment, you may need to look at hiring a specialist company to provide this. Ensuring that sufficient audio is available and that any visuals are not only of good quality, but visible to all in the venue, are just some aspects to consider. Deckhouse at Woolwich Dock has recently received an upgrade to its audio visual equipment, ideal for business conferences.

Catering / Food and Beverage:

Believe it or not, this can often be one of the most talked about points of the entire event. How often have you heard someone discussing a conference they’ve attended say “the venue was amazing but the food was very average”? Selecting a professional catering group with a strong reputation for quality is key as it really is a case of you get what you pay for, so don’t try and save a few dollars here. Dedes Group provides catering at its venues and has a reputation for excellence in the quality of the food and also for the first-class service.

Presenters and agenda:

Ensure the agenda is well set for the duration of the event. Plan thoughtfully when certain people are going to speak and if the timing of when they speak is suitable for the topic, i.e. keep the serious stuff at the start and let the more entertaining speeches occur after the meal. It’s also important to make sure your presenters are well prepared and that you have a confident MC for the occasion.

So, there are some of our top tips for hosting a successful business event, but to make it all even easier, simply talk to the Dedes Group dedicated team of Event Managers who can take care of every element of your next event, ensuring it’s a memorable one for all involved.

Contact the team on: 02 8279 2706 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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